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Bar Soap Decorative Soap
The hardest decision you'll have to make is not whether to buy our soap, but rather what scents to choose. But no matter which ones you end up with, your skin will appreciate the high-quality ingredients included within every bar. Each handcrafted bar soap is made with ingredients such as palm, olive, soy, coconut, canola and rice bran oils, shea butter and fragrance. If you like exfoliants, we have some of those too...crushed grapeseed, cranberry seeds, lavender buds or mint leaves.

If you prefer a more decorative soap (I know, our bar soaps are pretty decorative!), our unique cleansing bars can be the talk of your party. Choose from fish-in-a-bag, flip flops, tractors, rubber ducks, footballs, and many more.

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Mayan Gold Soap Simply Body Soap Net LOVE Soap scented in Pink Sugar Type | Smells just like cotton candy
Mayan Gold Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $4.00
Soap Net
Our Price: $4.00
Our Price: $5.00
This luxurious fragrance is a mix of rare woods, spices and amber. The soap net works with Kreative Kraftwerks bar soaps to deliver an invigorating wash while keeping the soap intact and always within reach. The double mesh design produces a thick, cleansing lather and exfoliating, scrubbing action for a deeper, more refreshing clean.

• Convenient wrist and wall strap
• Hangs to prevent soap dish buildup
• Fast drying

Blue-Green Love Soap Made by Morgan
Sock Monkey Duck Soap Fish In A Bag Soap Energy Soap
Fish In A Bag Soap
Our Price: $7.95
Energy Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Sock Monkey Themed Duck Soap Kids will love this fish in a bag soap! Energy is a stimulating blend of citrus - including grapefruit, lemon and lime with hints of fresh cucumber and jasmine and a touch of pineapple, blackberry and champagne.
Sandalwood Vanilla Soap Cranberry Soap Ocean Breeze Soap
Sandalwood Vanilla Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Cranberry Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Ocean Breeze Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Sandalwood Vanilla is an awesome blend of earthy sandalwood and sweet vanilla with musky, amber undertones. Sultry and romantic. Very strong and crisp, with just the right amount of tart. Sea salt, sea moss and green vetiver round out this fresh ocean fragrance.
Beach Baby Soap Lilac Soap Cedar & Saffron Soap
Beach Baby Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Lilac Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Cedar & Saffron Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Blend of salt water, sand and suntan lotion. The aroma of a freshly blooming spring lilac bush. The warm, spicy fragrance of Kashmiri saffron from India masterfully blended with earthy woods. White cedar, Indian sandalwood, and patchouli are softened by mid notes of vanilla and sensual musk, then brightened by top notes of grapefruit and fresh bergamot.
Lavender Soap Flip Flop Soap Flip Flop Soap
Lavender Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Flip Flop Soap - Yellow
Our Price: $8.00
Flip Flop Soap - Teal
Our Price: $8.00
Very true herbal Lavender, incredibly strong. Tropical mango and guava are wrapped with green melon and juicy pineapple. A fresh and intriguing blend of agave, sea kelp, ocean breeze, citrus zests, sparkling bergamot, dewy cyclamen and soothing sandalwood.
Oatmeal & Honey Soap Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap Twigs & Berries Soap
Oatmeal & Honey Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Twigs & Berries Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Crunchy granola blended with fresh oats, golden honey and vanilla bean. Raspberry, Peach, Lemon & Strawberry on a bed of flowers and musks. The perfect primitive scent! Woodsy notes mingle with succulent red berries for a real rustic aroma!
Flip Flop Soap Flip Flop Soap Flip Flop Soap
Flip Flop Soap - Purple
Our Price: $8.00
Flip Flop Soap - Orange
Our Price: $8.00
Flip Flop Soap - Pink
Our Price: $8.00
This adorable soap is scented in Sugar Plum.  Approximate weight of each bar is 5.7 oz. This fantastically fruity blend is a whirlwind of succulent peaches, fresh appless, and juicy berries.
Raspberry Lemonade Flip Flop Soap
Snow Angel Soap Home Sweet Home Handcrafted Cold Process Soap Basil, Sage & Mint Soap
Snow Angel Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Home Sweet Home Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Basil, Sage & Mint Soap
Our Price: $8.00
A combination of pine sap, cranberries, spices, mistletoe and a crackling fireplace! A sophisticated spiced apple cider blend. A refreshing blast of unique herbal fusion!
Sassy Santa Soap Flip Flop Soap Loofah Soap
Sassy Santa Soap
Our Price: $8.00
Flip Flop Soap - Blue
Our Price: $8.00
Loofah Soap - Orange
Our Price: $8.50
A combination of York's peppermint patty with delicate holiday spices of cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla and frosted berries. Sea salt, sea moss and green vetiver round out this fresh ocean fragrance. Kreative Kraftwerks' orange loofah soap scented in Peach Jubilee
Loofah Soap Loofah Soap Loofah Soap
Loofah Soap - Green
Our Price: $8.50
Loofah Soap - Purple
Our Price: $8.50
Loofah Soap - Red
Our Price: $8.50
Kreative Kraftwerks' green loofah soap scented in Fresh Ginger Lime Kreative Kraftwerks' purple loofah soap scented in Sugar Plum Kreative Kraftwerks' red loofah soap scented in Strawberry